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Thousands of Researchers at Wave Genome under Irene Caesar, Ph. D., are working hard to provide top notch research in body regeneration. Mindtech Enterprises as a Quantum Leap distributor, can take you to a new level in health. Our world’s first ever product is the Ultimate Mini-Tesla Generator with a personal digital wave matrix and Internet Pharmacy for usage wherever necessary. The website and Android application provides the user all of the information required for purchasing the product and uses in-app & web payment methods.

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The information-wave technology of the Laser Bioholography has been perfected by decades of research experience and clinical trials; it has been patented, licensed and certified by the Russian Ministry of Health; and, at the present moment, it is widely commercialized all over Russia. The information-wave technology of Laser Bioholography is based upon the application of Quantum Physics to Genetics, a new theory of Genetics, which is called Structuralist Genetics (© Irene Caesar, Ph.D., 2010), and the application of the stabilized He-Ne lasers with internal mirrors.

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Irene Caesar, Ph.D.: is the sole owner of Wave Genome and producer of the Ultimate Mini Psi-Tesla Generator, which is the worlds most advanced and most powerful device of this type because it can neutralize electronic/psychotronic attacks including V2K. The device works with Quantum Technologies and uses Scalar Waves making it one of the most sophisticated, advanced devices of this kind in the world. Some features of the Ultimate Tesla PSI-Generator: The device is easy to wear in the form of a pendant cased in pearl, completely unobtrusive, and people cant tell exactly what it is because it is cased in pearl and does not look too unusual or like a medical device, etc. The device is indestructible.

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    WHY US?

  • Testimonials
  • Instant Support
  • Individualized Matrix
  • Revolutionary Technology
  • Patented, Licensed & Certified By The Russian Ministry of Health
  • Protection Against Psychotronic Attacks, Biohacking, Neurohacking, Cancer Guns, Subliminal Advertising Psychic Attacks and performs RNA Regeneration.
  • Rejuvenation of all the Physiological systems, including Endocrine System, Digestive System, Cardiovascular System, Hearing / Eye Sight, Reproductive System, Intellectual Abilities, Improvement Of Memory.

IRENE CAESAR, Ph.D.: TECHNOLOGY OF WAVE GENOME LLC provides wave matrices by lasers for the local and remote management of the biosystem and human condition. Mindtech Enterprises is the distributor of Wave Genome LLC products. Irene Caesar and Wave Genome has patented the Technology of Quantum Biocomputing as the information-wave technology of the Laser Bioholography in the fields of rejuvenation, medicine and agriculture. Even though the revolutionary information-wave technology of the Laser Bioholography might be considered new to many in the West, it is well known and understood by many in the East.

Our Products Are I.E., Recommendend And Used By The Russian Special Forces.

Our application is currently also available on Android devices!

The Technology is used by


Russian Central Intelligence Agency


Russian Olympic Team


Russian Space Forces


Russian Federal Security Service


Russian Special Forces


Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations

Amongst others.

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