Every MINI-TESLA PSI-Generator comes with (1) a CHIP, structured with a laser on a nano-level with the wave matrix of healthy human or your own individual wave matrix in childhood (recorded from your childhood photograph), and cased either in pearl or wood. You wear it on a chain on your solar plexus all the time, taking it off only for bathing; (2) and PSI-program - a flash drive with the software that has the entire DIGITAL PHARMACY generated as the white noise encoded in music for your lifetime and for every system and vital organ in your body. You run this software at least once a day for best results. If you are sick, you run this software as often as possible.

Childhood Picture Are Prefered For Purchase

Ultra MINI-TESLA GENERATOR comes (a) with personal digital wave matrix, recorded from your childhood photograph via laser, digitized, and encoded into the chip via laser, plus a separate flash drive with PSI-PROGRAM of the DIGITAL PHARMACY to run on your computer in order to generate wave matrices for every system in your body, and your every vital organ. (b) Client also receives one individually tailored DIGITAL MEDICATION -- Immune System Rejuvenation E-DRUG of universal scope -- encoded into the casing of the chip via laser. Casing is produced by 3D printing, and plastic for 3D printing has electret qualities of being encoded by laser with E-DRUG. E-DRUG encoded in casing is filtered by the client's biohologram encoded in the chip via laser. That is why E-DRUG does not have side effects and overdose.

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