"Me (Hector) and my wife Sabina saw a huge diffrence in our sleeping cyrcles after using the Ultimate Tesla PSI-Glasses. Both of us has been suffering from sleep deprivation for a while now, and we've just want to thank the team behind Mindtech Enterprises for the extraordinary service and support."
"I have suffered from overstimulation in my brain since many years back. I've used my Ultimate Mini-Tesla PSI-Generator for a month now and i've already lost the attention to the V2K and the overstimulation wasn't as effective as before. It feels really great to finally be my self again."
Brain Overstimulation
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"More solid evidence however may be drawn from the fact that my beard and hair seem to be regaining some colour! I am capable of seeing the names of the streets in the night time. I do not carry glasses with me any longer. I also noticed that even after many hours of work on the computer, my eyes do not get tired."
Eyesight Improvement
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"My blood pressure was not very high, but I started taking Lisnopril at the age of 70. The pill made me drowsy during the day, and I felt unsafe driving. Whenstart using The Mini-Tesla Generator, I felt the burst of energy within the first three weeks of wearing it. My blood pressure was gradually improving and got close to the norm within three months of wearing the device."
"I felt the boost of energy ("walking on air" in fact) for the first 2 weeks or so after starting on the mini-tesla generator. I have also looked for symptomatic changes. More solid evidence however may be drawn from the fact that my beard and hair seem to be regaining some colour!"
"I would like to tell everyone about the incredible cure that I had with the Ultimate Mini-Tesla PSI-Generator. About four years ago I began to hear voices. After about six weeks all the voices were gone completely. I've not had any recurrence. This is dramatic because I'd suffered with this condition for over three years. Now I could begin to live a normal life."
"I got my mini-tesla generator in August of 2012, and during the next allergy season in May-June of 2013, I did not get my usual allergy symptoms! The same happened in the allergy season of May-June of 2014! I got cured of my seasonal allergies!"
"I got incredible increase in energy. I can work for hours without rest. I would highly recommend this device to all women who go through menopause! Taking into consideration that any hormone replacement therapy for menopause has horrible side effects and comes at a price of breast and uterine cancers, weight gain, deep vein thrombosis, blood clots in the lungs, heart disease, and stroke, the MINI-TESLA is the way to go!"
"It was not always like this. I had problem skin, and my pores were not that perfect. After wearing MINI-TESLA PSI-Generator for two years, my VISIA skin test showed outstanding results due to the Information-Wave technology, i was able to attain the dream skin."
"My other fear was Cancer, since my both parents died of cancer. But i found out that the Institute can cure cancers (up to stage 2 Cancer). After this piece of information, i found out that the Institute for National Security in Moscow treats diseases considered to be "incurable" by the conventional medicine. I cannot even find enough words to express my gratitude."


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