ULTIMATE TESLA PSI-GLASSES is a PSI-generator (Psychotronic Generator) designated for individual use at work and at home for correction and enhancement of various physical and mental functions, including the improvement of vision, using color as a natural integrator of psychological, mental and psycho-physiological processes. The device has eleven corrective programs with manual setting mode. The impact on the body is carried out not only with a certain color, but also via the rhythm of supplying the light pulses coupled with their modulation, thereby accelerating the process of recovery of the human body.

The device consists of dark goggles frame (124013. GOST R) and the electronic board mounted on the inside of the glass of the frame. The electronic board has two (for each eye) Light-Emitting Diodes consisting of six LEDs each, and a control device (two program selection buttons and indicator for the program number).

"PSI" stands for "Psychotronic", that is, for the technology that is offering technical means for managing biosystems.

The Technology is used by


Russian Central Intelligence Agency


Russian Olympic Team


Russian Space Forces


Russian Federal Security Service


Russian Special Forces


Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations

Amongst others.

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