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Irene Caesar, Ph.D. President at Wave Genome

Has founded Wave Genome in 2010. Wave Genome is the exclusive representative for the products and services of the Institute for National Security in Moscow in the area of medicine and rejuvenation. Dr. Caesar holds a doctorate degree in philosophy of science, and is an author of three books. She is an author of the structuralist theory of wave genome.

In August 2012, Dr. Caesar co-founded the Consortium MATRIX CITY with the Institute for National Security in Moscow for building human settlements of a completely new type, with the application of the information-wave technologies of the Quantum Leap.

In May 2013, Dr. Caesar formulated the principles of the Quantum Internet, based upon her principle of the uniqueness of the non-local wave matrices (Irene Caesar, 2012), and instantaneous transmission between all tokens of the same unique non-local wave matrix.

Dr. Caesar presented her project MATRIX CITY in her public lecture at the Harriman Institute of the Columbia University in September 2012.

IRENE CAESAR, Ph.D.: TECHNOLOGY OF WAVE GENOME provides wave matrices by lasers for the local and remote management of the biosystem and human condition.

Mindtech Enterprises is focused on commercializing these products. Irene Caesar and Wave Genome has patented the Technology of Quantum Biocomputing as the information-wave technology of the Laser Bioholography in the fields of rejuvenation, medicine and agriculture. Even though the revolutionary information-wave technology of the Laser Bioholography might be considered new to many in the West, it is well known and understood by many in the East.

The information-wave technology of the Laser Bioholography has been perfected by decades of research experience and clinical trials; it has been patented, licensed and certified by the Russian Ministry of Health; and, at the present moment, it is widely commercialized all over Russia. The information-wave technology of Laser Bioholography is based upon the application of Quantum Physics to Genetics, a new theory of Genetics, which is called Structuralist Genetics (© Irene Caesar, Ph.D., 2010), and the application of the stabilized He-Ne lasers with internal mirrors.

Specifically, this technology applies:

  • The holographic model of the Quantum Vacuum identical for macro and micro dimensions;
  • The holographic and torsion model of the cell as a torus;
  • Polarized bioholography and polarized bioholograms, based upon the principles of the geometrical optics;
  • The notions of two kinds of torus: torus as a boundless sphere and torus as a wave crystal (© Irene Caesar, Ph.D., 1989);
  • The Kozyrev Mirror principle for the reflection of the external signal, and creating the scalar wave diffraction grating (wave crystal);
  • The diffraction grating (wave crystal) for the refraction of the external signal towards the zero center;
  • The notion of the zero center of the wave crystal as the information portal;
  • The notion of the instantaneous and remote transmission of information through the zero center of the wave crystal via quantum entanglement in the paradigm of the Quantum Internet.

Information-wave technology of the Laser Bioholography is radically different from the Digital Homeopathy and Bioresonance Technology, though it is also based upon the wave-particle duality in physics. A cell dies when it goes into bioresonance with itself. Soviets had the psychotronic weapon, based upon the principle of bioresonance. Thus, the bioresonance technologies in the West are still wide spread simply because they cannot do enough harm due to incompetence. The information is received and transmitted not through waves (frequencies). The information is received and transmitted through the Geometrical Codes of the wave crystals.

Also, the information-wave technology of the Laser Bioholography is not the scalar wave technology, since scalar waves neutralize any external signal. And to call the information-wave technology of the Laser Bioholography as the \"scalar wave technology\" is to say nothing. Scalar waves are only one element of this technology. Information is not received and transmitted via scalar waves. Scalar waves are simply used for creating the diffraction grating inside the wave crystal in order to refract the external signal toward the zero center of the wave crystal. Information is received and transmitted only through the zero center of the biohologram / wave matrix (wave crystal). The information is transmitted from one identical token to another identical token of the same non-local wave matrix remotely and instantaneously via Quantum Internet.

Only professional and experienced medical specialists administer treatments in Wave Genome clinics and produce the products under the supervison of Irene Caesar, Ph. D., including the Tesla Water and Mini Tesla Generator. The majority of the medical specialists are well-known doctors in Russia. The Institute has conducted the first in the world experiment for the remote (at a distance of 20 kilometres) lowering of the blood sugar in a diabetic cow in the mid 1990s. The Institute has over 10 years of benefiting the global market with its services and products, which are patented, licensed, and certified. In August 2012, the Institute for National Security in Moscow and Wave Genome established the Consortium \"Matrix City\" - the city as an integrated information-wave matrix - for building the self-sufficient cities with the application of the information-wave technologies of the Quantum Leap.

Thousands of Researchers at Wave Genome under Irene Caesar, Ph. D., are working hard to provide top notch research in body regeneration. Together, Mindtech Enterprises and our partners create an extended organization to develop and distribute technologies, repeatable service offerings, products that enhance and takes us to a new level in health. The website and Android application provides the user all of the information required for purchasing the product and uses in-app & web payment methods.

Our world’s first ever product is the Ultimate Mini-Tesla Generator with a personal digital wave matrix and Internet Pharmacy for usage wherever necessary. Please note that a personal photo from childhood is required for the personal digital wave matrix, but a newly taken one can act as a substitute. Do send us a personal high resolution jpeg-photo soon after purchasing our products for faster delivery. The Ultimate Mini-Tesla Generator protects against ALL harmful waves and is recommended by the Russian Special Forces and the Russian Olympic Team.

Book Wave Pharmaceuticals

In the case of Quantum Internet, you send your information Remotely and Wirelessly". At the Institute, the laser reads the feedback from your wave matrix in real time, using your digitized wave matrix on record at the Institute. According to the holographic principle, the universe is holographic, meaning that it is entirely in its every matrix part. The holographic principle has three important implications:

Postulates the uniqueness" of every wave matrix. If the universe is entirely in its every matrix point, then, every matrix point is not simply different from any other matrix point, but is unique.

Postulates the non-locality of every wave matrix. If the universe is entirely in its every matrix point, then every wave matrix is simultaneously present in the infinite number of dimensions via its tokens. Though there are infinitely many tokens of the same non-local wave matrix, all of them constitute one integrated systematic whole"


The non-local holographic nature of wave matrices also means that the wave matrix has an infinite set of waves, particles and fields within its torus - from infinitely micro to infinitely macro dimensions. It is impossible to talk of each individual wave matrix as \"a specific frequency\". And it is impossible to postulate any \"medium\" of its existence, like \"scalar wave\", \"aether\", \"Higgs / boson field\", \"torsions\", \"leptons\", etc. There is no specific medium for transferring the information.

Postulates that there is quantum entanglement in the form of the instantaneous transmission of information between all the tokens of the same non-local wave matrix. The signal that records and transmits the entangled information between different wave matrices or between the tokens of the same non-local wave matrix has a specific nature. It is holographic. Only lasers with internal Kozyrev Mirrors can record and transmit a holographic signal, based upon the principles of the polarized refraction holography (described in terms of geometrical optics). Thus, the principle of recording and transmitting the matrix signal" is structural, and not medium-based.

Thus, it is possible to remotely and instantaneously transfer some wave information to a man via the entanglement between his body (at one location) and his photograph (at another location), as two tokens of his non-local wave matrix. For example, it is possible to remotely lower blood sugar in a diabetic man via scanning his photograph with the laser ray, which is passing through insulin before reaching the photograph. © Irene Caesar, Ph.D. from her book \"WAVE PHARMACEUTICALS\" (2014) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

The Technology is used by


Russian Central Intelligence Agency


Russian Olympic Team


Russian Space Forces


Russian Federal Security Service


Russian Special Forces


Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations

Amongst others.

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