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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a Mini-Tesla Generator? The Mini-Tesla Generator is a biofeedback/bioresonance device, which is a re-transmitter of the clients childhood matrix. The device transmits the clients childhood matrix upon the client, and makes the client tune to his own, most unadulterated matrix, which is represented by his childhood matrix recorded by the laser from the clients childhood photograph. Thus, the client resonates with the frequency that rejuvenates and heals him. This effect is continuous / without interruption if the client is always wearing his generator on his body. This is a crucial advantage over just listening to ones matrix as an audio file (wave matrix in the form of white noise - see psychotronics), recorded from ones childhood photograph. Not only is every cell vibrating, the entire organism is vibrating. Correction via e-Health (Wave Pharmaceuticals) consists in tuning the clients wave matrix to his own most perfect frequency / amplitude characteristics (biohologram), recorded from his childhood photograph, placenta or navel blood in infantry. The generator is the transmitter of the client's childhood matrix, which is inherently resonant to the earth's matrix and the cosmic matrix, and to the matrix of one's family, nation and country (Ancient Greeks called this the unity of cosmos, polis and psyche). Thus, the generator does not preclude the user from connecting to the information-wave streams (even when it is in the shield mode of operation). Also, the generator does not cause the formation of dependency, and the weakening of the client's homeostasis and self-defense. All beneficial natural wave streams are strengthened and enhanced. The generator filtrates the changes in the Schumann and Alfvén resonances. The generator operation consists in the interaction of two matrices – man himself as a matrix, and his childhood matrix, recorded on the generators chip and transmitted by the generators re-transmitter. Man resonates with himself (in comparison, if a single cell itself gets into the resonance, it dies).

2. What is the structure of the generator and the modes of its operation? The generator is a mini-computer with the chip and resonator / re-transmitter. It also has electrical charge, and should be regularly charged. The generator has two sides from two kinds of pearl or wood (oak and aspen, oak having dark color, and aspen having light color). One side of the generator has the dark color, and the other side has the light color. The device is programmed to operate differently depending on the side with which it is turned towards ones body. The two modes of operation are the SHIELD MODE and the OPEN MODE. When the light side is turned inwards, towards one's body, the Ultimate and Ultra Mini-Tesla Generator operates in the SHIELD MODE, and produces calming and protective frequency / amplitude effect. When the dark side is turned inwards, towards oneself, the Mini-Tesla Generator operates in the OPEN MODE, and produces an activating or reinforcing frequency / amplitude effect. The sides of the device (casing) are specifically marked by the specific color of the lighter and darker material to make it easier for the user to use the device, and switch between the SHIELD MODE and the OPEN MODE. Also, the device uses the energy qualities of nanostructures in the wood itself. The overall coating over the electronic parts is produced from three kinds of wood – aspen, oak, and birch. The light side of the generator's side is made of aspen. The dark side of the generator's side is made of oak. Each kind of wood is chosen for its ability to effect human energy in a specific way, e.g., the ability of aspen to absorb waves, and, thus, provide the calming effect, and serve as an anti-psi-attack shield. Nonetheless, the qualities of wood are simply added to the operation of the generator as a mini-computer with a chip / resonance re-transmitter, programmed by the laser on the nano-level. The time spent in using the SHIELD MODE or the OPEN MODE (wearing with the light side or dark side towards oneself) is individual. If you feel any discomfort, use the SHIELD MODE, and turn the generator with the light side towards yourself. During sex act, if you want to reinforce the dynamics, use the SHIELD MODE, and turn the generator with the dark side toward yourself. If you have too quick an ejaculation, use the OPEN MODE, and turn the generator with the light side to yourself.

3. Daylight – should the side with the dark color be turned inwards? Yes, nonetheless the positioning of the generator depends on the needs of a client. When the side with the lighter color is turned towards oneself, the generator is programmed for the protective, calming mode (the SHIELD MODE). When the side with the darker color is turned towards oneself, the generator is programmed for the activating, invigorating mode (the OPEN MODE). Thus, even during daytime, if a client needs calming down, he/she can use the SHIELD MODE. in this case, he/she can turn the generator with the protective side towards himself or herself. If the client is sick, or is under a psychic or psychotronic attack, he/she should use the SHIELD MODE as well, and turn the generator with the light side towards himself.

4. Night time – should the side with the light color be turned inwards? Yes. Nonetheless, you are free to turn the generator with the other side to yourself, if you feel any discomfort and have difficulty in falling asleep.

5. Can you mark the diagram of the torso with an x to exactly indicate where the device should be placed? Everyone has a different view of the chakras, their names and locations. Some systems have 7 chakras, others have 12 or 13 chakras. How big is the Mini-Tesla Generator? Will it be visible when I wear it? The Mini-Tesla Generator is approximately 1.5 inches long, and should be worn at your solar plexus. It is invisible when you wear it. See the picture for the placement of the device. Nonetheless, the location of the generator upon the body is strictly individual. The positioning depends upon the resonance measurement (for example, the human neck is an antenna), because the generator is the resonance re-transmitter. The Institute provides individual tailoring of positioning the Mini-Tesla Generator on the body.

6. Should a person sleep with it, yes, or no? Yes, you can sleep with the Mini-Tesla Generator. You sleep with your Mini-Tesla Generator in a shield mode. If you have difficulty with falling asleep, you should turn the generator with the other side toward yourself. 7. What is your recommendation when you first receive the unit to tell if it is beneficial to you? What is the first benefit that one should see from using the device? The client will notice three improvements right away: the improvement of sleep; the increase of motor activity; the improvement of cognitive functions (memory and analytical speed).

8. How long before you should notice the first effects? Healthy people notice results in three days; sick people - in six months. There are objective and subjective criteria. In three days, a patient notices the subjective uplift of the overall well-being, and enhancement of memory, sleep and overall cognitive abilities. In two to three weeks, there is an improvement in the objective criteria.

9. Do I have to charge my Mini-Tesla Generator? The user does not have to charge his/her Mini-Tesla Generator. The Mini-Tesla Generator is an electret, and it is charged from the electro-magnetic grid of the Earth.

10. When the dark side is facing inwards, does the device behave differently? Or is simply the field that it produces inverted? Yes, the device behaves differently when the dark side is facing inwards. The field is not inverted. The device radiates two different fields into two opposite directions. Waves are absorbed by the medium. The human body is a liquid medium. The field, transmitted towards the body, is absorbed in 2-3 cm radius. The field, transmitted outwards, is absorbed in 70 cm radius. Half a length of the wave is absorbed by the medium. The body immediately absorbs the wave, and nerve ganglia transmit the signal to the brain.

11. Can it be taken through airport security? Can I fly with it? Yes, you can take your Mini-Tesla Generator through airport security. And you should fly with your Mini-Tesla Generator, because it protects you from the huge doses of radiation you get each time you fly. In its SHIELD MODE, the generator is the EMF shield and radiation-protection device.

12. How can you tell if it is working at all? In other words, all devices will break at some point and stop working. There is no light on this device. The Mini-Tesla Generator comes in two pieces: chip and flash drive with the Tesla Digital Pharmacy software program. The chip is virtually indestructible, if it is not subjected to crude force. The user can immediately recognize whether his/her Mini- Tesla Digital Pharmacy software program is working or not by connecting the flash drive with the Mini-Tesla Digital Pharmacy software program to his/her computer to run the program for biofeedback and self-therapy daily and as many times a day as he/she chooses according to his/her wellbeing (see #32 for the information on the self-administered therapy). If the user purchases the Subscription Service, the user connects via the internet to the Institutes server multiple times a week in order to receive the weekly wave biofeedback servicing from the Institute. Each time the user connects his Mini-Tesla Generator to his computer, he/she can see whether his device is working or not. Every user can register his/her device, but the digitized wave biofeedback from the Institute is sold as a Subscription Service for a separate fee than the basic price of the device.

13. What is it incompatible with in terms of medications? The Mini-Tesla Generator is compatible with medications. But the user should know that it increases the effect of medications, and so he/she should adjust the dosage of medications accordingly (e.g., take half a dosage).

14. How about energy bracelets, and eforceplus pendant? Any energy bracelets and pendants should be tested with specific equipment that we have - with and without the Mini-Tesla Generator.

15. Is there a conflict with EMF Homeopathy medicine such as Radinex? No, there is no conflict.

16. Should I remove it while brushing my teeth in case I might spill a little bit of water on it? Can it take a mild exposure as long as the electrical components are not affected? You can even drop your Mini-Tesla Generator in the bath filled with water, because it is covered with a special varnish, used in shipbuilding.

17. How can you tell if it is working too strongly and you need to take it off for a few days? The device never works too strongly, because it re-transmits the clients own childhood matrix. Nonetheless, it is possible to increase or neutralize the targeted wave transmission from the Institute, even wirelessly at a distance.

18. Is there any conflict with the Miraculous medal, St. Benedicts metal or the Brown Scapula? The Institute will test all the other devices for a separate fee.

19. Some people wear an orgonite type pendant that has organite metal base, opposite copper coils and a few stones such as quartz or tiger quartz. Will this have any conflict, especially the oppositely coiled copper wires? Yes, there will be a conflict.

20. Can you wear it with a pacemaker? No, you cannot wear Mini-Tesla Generator with a pacemaker.

21. Can you get near somebody with a pacemaker? No, if you have close bodily contact. For example, during sex, i.e., close bodily contact, a person should take off his generator if his sex partner has a pacemaker. Nonetheless, you can get near somebody with a pacemaker, because the depth of wave absorption is shallow.

22. Is there any withdrawal effect if you remove it and do not put it back on for a week or two weeks? Does it form a dependency? Does it weaken the users own self-defense? Does it preclude the user from receiving the external information-wave streams? No, there is no withdrawal effect, no dependency acquired, and no weakening of the users own self-defense, because the generator is using the clients own childhood matrix. Also, the device does not preclude the client from receiving the external information-wave streams, because the device is based upon the initial harmony between the human matrix and the cosmic matrix.

23. Does it strengthen your human energy field? There are some products that generate a biofield image before and after. They show that their product actually helps strengthen the human biofield. Strictly speaking, the generator does not simply strengthen and enhance the users biofield. The device strengthens and stabilizes the user's homeostasis (the internal medium and environment), making it more stable (wholesome / holographic / systematic) via the re-transmission of the biologically active wave characteristics beneficial for man, which are represented by the users childhood matrix. The Institute does not recommend diagnostics and information-wave correction (or any medical correction) according to the image of the clients biofield (see MODEL #2, 4).

24. Is there any effect on blood pressure? Yes, there is a beneficial effect on blood pressure, including the normalization of speed for blood circulation and its polarization (blood cells contain metal with changeable charge). The device enhances the arterial tonus.

25. Is there any effect on the quality of sleep, REM states, EEG? Yes, the device indirectly enhances the quality of sleep via directly enhancing wave characteristics of the brain. The client can order the enhancement of his cognitive and mnemic functions, intuition, and the increase of resilience to the changeable information-wave structures and fields via purchasing the SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE.

26. Can you leave it on when getting a CAT scan (x beam radiation)? Yes, but you will take it off anyway.

27. Can you leave it on when getting NMR - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance? Yes, but you will take it off anyway.

28. Orgone can have severe side effects if exposed to Radon or radiation. They call this DOR. If this device is exposed to radiation or even the small amount of radon to light up your watch dial at night and make light up, will this affect the unit? No, radiation will not affect the unit. In fact, the Mini-Tesla Generator has anti-radiation properties, i.e., it protects from radiation.

29. Do you recommend adding large gemstones or gold/silver/titanium bracelets to enhance the effect of the human energy field? Stones increase the effect of the generator. But there is no necessity to wear stones. The generator should work with the designated intensity. Any metal attracts the electrical component of the field to itself, i.e., any metal is a conductor. Wearing metals creates circuits and a grounding effect. Generally, wearing metals is not recommended. Any metal chain or bracelet should be tested. The Institute has the equipment to test metal chains and bracelet s. To test a metal bracelet or chain, our specialist places the tube with the clients blood inside the electrical circuit of the bracelet or chain and takes measurements of how metal in the chain or bracelet influences the client's blood. After taking measurements, our specialist makes recommendations regarding the length, thickness, and material (gold, silver or platinum) of the chain or bracelet. Also our specialist can make recommendations regarding the model of the client's cell phone and the carrier. Mobile phone's model and carrier determine the modulation of the carrying frequency. This modulation forces cells to vibrate differently, so that cells are either activated or suppressed.

30. Does it contain a crystal? Are there any crystals that you should avoid wearing as a pendant or very close to this device? Yes, the Mini-Tesla Generator is a crystal. You can wear it together with other crystals (e.g., your mobile phone).

31. What type of psi attacks does it shield you from (GWEN towers, black magic, psychic attack, voodoo, structural links)? The Ultimate and Ultra Mini-Tesla Generator shields from any psychic or psychotronic attacks, as well as from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

32. How often should I use the Mini-Tesla Digital Pharmacy Software Program? It is recommended that you run the program at least once a day. If you are sick, it is recommended to run a program at least three times a day. You can run the program as much as you want, even non-stop. You can charge water by the white noise produced by the program.

33. Does the Mini-Tesla Digital Pharmacy Software Program operate on Mac or Windows? The program operates on Windows. If you have Mac, you should purchase Windows and the program that would allow you to run Windows on your Mac, such as Parallels or VMware. Parallels is more convenient than VMware.

34. Should I have an Internet connection to run the Mini-Tesla Digital Pharmacy software program? The client can run the software on his/her Mini-Tesla Generator without a connection to the internet. Software is recorded on the flash-drive, and is run by the computer.

35. What are the steps and rules in using the Mini-Tesla Digital Pharmacy Software Program? Connect the flash drive with the program to the USB port of your computer. On the bottom of the main page, you will see the tabs for all the steps you have to do: REGISTRATION QUESTIONNAIRE TESTING THERAPY Our website has screenshots of every screen with English translations. We use a multiple-choice Questionnaire and Graphological test. After you are done with these Tests, and have proceeded to Therapy, the program prompts you to take the flash drive out of the USB slot. You should save every screen. At this moment, you start listening to white noise, generated by the program in your earphones, and watch chaining color, also coded with white noise. When the Therapy is over, the program prompts you to insert the flash drive back into the USB slot. Programs record the file of your session onto the flash drive. After that you can return to the very beginning, and start the program all over again.

36. Why should I register in the Mini-Tesla Digital Pharmacy Program? After you open the program, you should register as a user. Registering consists in typing into the form your name, date of birth, and gender. Registration is necessary to make user's data identifiable, so that the user always has an option to purchase the Subscription Service. After the Subscription Service is purchased, the user can receive servicing of his wave matrix by the Institute via connecting to the internet and regularly sending his/her data to the Institute.

37. What is the Questionnaire in the Mini-Tesla Digital Pharmacy Program? In the Questionnaire, you choose those bodily systems and organs that need treatment (e.g., cardiovascular system, reproductive system, digestive system, endocrine system, etc.). The Questionnaire includes all the past and present medical conditions and concerns of a client. The Questionnaire influences the self-dispensed therapy.

38. What is the Testing section in the Mini-Tesla Digital Pharmacy Program? Testing consists of a Graphological Test. You should write down a sentence in your own handwriting. This sentence has a few letters highlighted in red. You will sample your handwriting from these letters. You have to analyze your own handwriting, and select the letters on the screen, which correspond to your handwriting. You should choose letter one by one from the column on the left. This will bring the list of different handwriting samples of this or that letter onto the screen. You should choose the handwriting sample that is most close to your own handwriting sample that you got after you wrote down the sentence on the bottom of the screen. Then the program analyzes the results. (We will soon customize the test for English language speakers). It is necessary to take tests either once per week, once in two weeks, or at least once per month depending on the clients state of health. The test results / information is recorded onto the Mini-Tesla Generator as a Flash drive and influences the self-dispensed therapy.

39. What is the Therapy section of the Mini-Tesla Digital Pharmacy program? Therapy is administered when the user runs the "therapy" section of the software without connecting to the Internet. The patient is recommended to conduct self-therapy via his interaction with the program on his generator at least once a day, and in the case of illness – a few times a day. For the best results, the client should use the therapy option every day two times a day for 15 minutes. The Therapy Section in the software has its own Graphological Test. Here, the Graphological Test is based upon the extremely fast and random choice of letters by the user. The user needs to choose the specific handwriting of each letter according to his liking, within 10 seconds. The test is designed in such a way that you choose without deliberating. The client takes tests, automatically uploads his information-wave status from the generator as a biofeedback device into the software, and automatically downloads onto the generator the information-wave updates / correction for his well-being from the software, when he uses the therapy section of the program. Therapy functions as the dispensation of digital drugs via Wave Pharmaceuticals (digitized frequency medications).

40. How does the device administer the Wave Pharmaceuticals Therapy? Wave Pharmaceutical Therapy is administered via an audio file and a video file. The audio and video therapy is dispensed according to the (1) wave biofeedback data, which is automatically uploaded from the generator when it is connected to the computer, and when the client runs the program recorded on the generator as a flash drive; (2) according to self-testing via the Graphological Test, Questionnaire, and individual needs through the multiple-choice test determining the client's wellbeing \"score\" from the low to the high. After the audio and video programs are generated in this way, the user puts the generator upon himself, and listens to the audio files through his headphones.

41. What is biofeedback of the Mini-Tesla Generator? The user should regularly run the software on his/her Mini-Tesla Generator. The generator is a biofeedback device, and it automatically records the user's wave frequency-amplitude characteristics. Running the software allows to \"extract\" this information via uploading it to the software in order to use it in the self-administered therapy as a function of the program.

42. What is the Binaural Therapy? Every audio and video program controls and manages the complex of specific physiological systems. The music is encoded with the Psychotronic audio file (white noise). It is the code (white noise), which is important, not the music itself. The code is produced according to the Binaural technology / Binaural waves. Every ear receives its own channel with the frequency offset, according to the 18 cm distance between ears (that is why Binaural treatment strictly requires listening to the audio file in stereo headphones to guarantee the right distance between the two audio channels). This frequency influences the part of the cortex which is responsible for the specific functional system. The video program consists of the changing of colors (red, green, blue, white) according to a specific timing, and is tied up with the audio program. The video program incorporates a clock going backwards around the clients inverted childhood image. The clock going backwards influences the client psychosomatically.

43. Can I share my Ultimate/Ultra Mini-Tesla Generator with other people?" No, for the Ultimate and Ultra Mini-Tesla Generator, the operation of the device is strictly for one individual.

44. What are the advantages of the Ultimate and Ultra Mini-Tesla Generators?

You connect your personal digital wave matrix to the information system of the Scientific Research Institute for National Security via the internet once per week for the monitoring of your state and correcting imperfections and abnormalities.

45. What is the Subscription Service of the Ultra and Ultimate Mini-Tesla Generator exactly? The Subscription Service consists in the regular sending of your bio-feedback data to the Institute via the internet, and receiving servicing of your wave matrix from the Institute. The client sends his information, stored on his Ultimate/Ultra Mini-Tesla Generator, to the Institute via the internet by going to the Medical Center section in the program (recorded on the generator), and pressing the button data transferring. The client can access his own office on our site. The office contains the function of corresponding with the Institute; the function of getting recommendations regarding the change in the solar, and electro-magnetic activity, etc., for the current month, and the social unrest for specific days; the function to leave comments; and the pharmacy. The statistics of a clients progress is correlated to the statistics of the external information-wave factors, such as electro-magnetic activity, solar activity, moon cycles, etc.

46. What is the Digital Pharmacy? The Digital or Electronic Pharmacy consists of Audio files, which the client should listen to only through headphones. The Ultra/Ultimate Mini-Tesla Generator has been invented and is used in order to guarantee that digital drugs are administered only via Digital Prescription. Only the client who purchased Ultimate/Ultra Mini-Tesla Generator and its Subscription Service can use Wave Drugs, and only through the program installed on his/her Ultimate/Ultra Mini-Tesla Generator. The client can download the digital drug from the Institutes site, but the client can use the digital drug only through his/her Ultra or Ultimate Mini-Tesla Generator (which is the encoded flash drive with the resonance re-transmitter). This guarantees that Digital Drugs would never appear on the web in open access and would never encounter the Copyright infringement similar to Napster. And, finally, this guarantees that Digital Drugs would be never be linked to an overdose.

47. Do you get a written report as to what they found? The Institute undertakes the weekly collection and observation of the data, received from the client's Ultra or Ultimate Mini-Tesla Generator, when it is connected to the internet. The collection of the data includes (1) the collection of the answers to the tests for assessing the patient's psycho-functional state, produced when the client runs the program recorded on the generator as a flash drive, and (2) wave biofeedback from the device in digitized form, which is produced automatically by the device when it is worn by the client, and which is digitized when the device is connected to the computer to run the program on the device. The data is stored on the Institute's servers. The specialist at the institute undertakes the statistical analysis of the client's data once a month with the minor update of the clients profile in Institutes database. The Institute undertakes the correction of the client's wave matrix once in three months, based upon (1) wave biofeedback from the device in digitized form; (2) collected data with its statistical analyses and its correlation with the spectrum of markers (including solar activity, moon cycles, and biorhythms). The Statistical analysis is based upon the systematic approach, and the dynamics of patient's progress over the 100 days cycle in correlation with external electromagnetic criteria, moon cycles, solar activity, Schumann resonance fluctuations, etc. The Institute uses the 100 days cycle for major corrections, because this period represents the full cycle of erythrocytes' renewal. After the clients wave matrix is corrected, the Institute updates its database with the major update of the clients profile. Homeostasis is inherently stable, and should be kept this way. The increase and/or change in the amplitude / frequency characteristics is impossible quickly. If homeostasis changes quickly, this is abnormal. During the 100 days cycle, the patient undertakes self-correction via (1) using the therapy section within the program, operating on the generator as a flash drive when it is connected to the computer. This therapy program consists in administering the frequency / amplitude wave characteristics in digitized form according to the results of the tests taken by the client within the program, and according to the digitized wave biofeedback of the device; (2) self-correction via the interactive site of the Institute, which allows the client who bought the Subscription Service to download digital drugs of Wave Pharmaceuticals, when his Ultra or Ultimate Mini-Tesla Generator is connected to the computer and to the Institutes site via the internet. On the Institutes site, the patient can press "buttons" to download Wave Drugs as the information-wave correction of his matrix onto his Ultra/Ultimate Mini-Tesla Generator, e.g., the button to reinforce his immune system, or his psychic and cognitive abilities, or to download a painkiller. The Institute has more than 300 digital / wave medications. The Institute's specialist gives written recommendations once in three months, when he corrects the users wave matrix. For an additional fee, the specialist can give recommendations every week or every day. For comparison, daily written recommendations are around $ 300 a day, while regular Subscription Service is around $ 17 a week.

48. Can you see for yourself what your biofield looks like - can they send you a picture from time-to-time? Yes, for an additional fee, The Institute's programmer can generate an image of the patient's biofield. Meanwhile, the Institute does not recommend the diagnostics and correction according to the image of the patient's biofield. A biofield's wave structure cannot, in principle, be reduced to one three-dimensional image. In the millimeter range, the biofield has one structure; and it has another structure in the meter range. Only in analyzing the dynamics of the patients information-wave functionality in progress can one produce the correct diagnostics and correction. In addition, there can be no standardization. The variations in wave structures are strictly individual and polysemantic.

49. How do you know what they are doing in Moscow? The Institute produces the correction of the client's wave matrix via making corrections in the client's individual program, which is created by the overall hosting operating system of the Institute on the Institutes server. The correction consists in changing the frequency / amplitude wave characteristics, determined individually, and digitized to become an individual program for every client. The correction consists in administering the amplitude / frequency characteristics of the competent cells of the specific group via Wave Pharmaceuticals. Every man has his own individual unique frequency / amplitude wave characteristics, which have a holographic nature, meaning that the clients wave matrix or matrix embraces his entire spectrum of psychosomatic characteristics. Homeostasis should be stable. It should not be easily changeable by external factors. The healthier that the man is, the more resilient he is to external influences. That is why the major task of diagnostics and correction by the Institute consists in returning the clients homeostasis to the stable status. Diagnostics and wave correction consists in tracing down the dynamics of the change in the psychosomatic status of the client's organism, i.e., the dynamics of how the client's homeostasis in its wave structure reacts to various internal factors (e.g., disease) and external factors, including solar activity, moon phases, and electro-magnetic activity, etc., over the period of at least 100 days (the full change of blood cells).

50. Are there any other effects on the body that can possibly be monitored such as sodium level, blood count, liver function, kidney function, etc.? Yes, it is possible to monitor (and target, even wirelessly at a distance) various physiological systems of the clients body, e.g., blood, via the analysis of the patients wave matrix, but it is not an entirely correct representation of a patient’s physiological state, therefore regular physiological tests should be administered in a regular way.

51. What is the Advanced Sunscription Service? We offer the Advanced Subscription Service for the patients refused by conventional medicine. The Advanced Subscription Service gives access to more than 300 drugs in our digital pharmacy, based on the individual approach to every client and personal supervision by our highly qualified doctors.