Eyesight Improvement Testimony

Michael 45 - Eyesight Improvement

I am nearsighted. I had LASIK, and it helped a lot. Before LASIK I had eyesight minus 6, and it was great to get rid of glasses. But I was told that my eyesight can still drop, and this is what happened. After a year, my eyesight worsened.

I work on the computer all day long, and this is surely a reason. My eye doctor told me I need glasses for driving. And I was not able to pass an eyesight test to renew my driving license without those new glasses. I got Mini-tesla because I did not want to go through another LASIK surgery, since it is not completely safe. I noticed the first improvement in my eyesight in two to three months, and significant improvement in one year.

I have also looked for symptomatic changes. I have noticed a sort of exacerbation (more mucus) of my cough a few hours after each therapy, similar to what I have had from homeopathy. More solid evidence however may be drawn from the fact that my beard and hair seem to be regaining some colour!

I am capable of seeing the names of the streets in the night time. I do not carry glasses with me any longer. I also noticed that even after many hours of work on the computer, my eyes do not get tired.

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